Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye August, Hello Fall!

First of all, happy anniversary to my wonderful husband, Ian. I can't believe it's been 7 years! This last year has been rough, but we've had some great moments too. :) I love you!

August went by way too quickly. Alex is almost 3 months old now and Serra reached her 3rd birthday. I started some personal training sessions at a local gym and am struggling with seeing any results. Ian says he sees a difference, but so far I don't see anything. Unfortunately, I can't measure by weight yet because I'm losing fat but gaining muscle- so my weight has only gone down a few pounds. Also, I have a medical condition that makes it more difficult for me to lose weight. But I'm trying to see the future picture- that if I stick to it, I WILL eventually reach my goal!

The weather has cooled considerably already- I guess that's one difference about being so far north, fall comes sooner! It's still pleasant, but depending on the time of day I have started needing a jacket outside- in Utah I usually didn't wear a jacket at all until end of September or even October! Oh well, will have to get used to it.

Next month is Preparedness Month, Piano Month and Sewing Month. I'm going to focus on sewing because I have a lot of sewing projects I've started and not finished. Hopefully I can be motivated to use the little time I get to myself each day to work on some of those. If I'm feeling extremely ambitious, I might work on the piano too- I haven't played hardly at all the last few years. I might have to reteach myself all over again! So which one are you going to work on?

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