Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween day was a busy one. First, Serra had a preschool Halloween party. She finally got to wear her REAL costume that Mommy stayed up until 1am the night before finishing: Tinkerbell!

Alex is still wondering what all the excitement is about.

Here is Serra's preschool class reciting some poems and performing some songs for all the moms.

Then we went trick-or-treating at the mall, had some dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants: Sweet Tomatoes, and finally we went trick-or-treating old-school style... door to door!

After all the Halloween activities were over, both kids got a LOAD of candy!

HALLOWEEN - Activities Before

We started off our Halloween celebrations on Friday with Count Spatula's Scary Face Pancakes for FREE at IHOP. Alex's is more of a Picasso-look and Serra's looks EXACTLY like the picture they provided [no deviations from that girl!]

Then Friday afternoon we went to a trunk or treat at a local car dealership and off to the Halloween party at the community center. They had trick or treating along their track and a bunch of kids games in the gym. The only picture Serra wanted was one with her and Snow White... but she wouldn't look at the camera... Serra was Aurora this day.
Saturday morning was started a LOT earlier by me... I ran my second half marathon- the Provo Halloween Half Marathon. I will NOT be doing this race ever again- it was the funnest running, but the worst organization ever! But here are some pictures of me before the race, during and after.

Then we went to the Central Utah Gardens for a pumpkin walk- they had a walkway filled with carved and decorated pumpkins from their pumpkin contest. Here we all are.
And we had to get a picture of Cinderella with her pumpkin carriage from the pumpkin walk!

HALLOWEEN - CornBelly's

There is a cool place in Lehi called Thanksgiving Point that always has different things going on. One of the things they are most known for is CornBelly's- their corn maze and Halloween activities. This is actually the first year we have gone- because it was free through my dentist's office! But here are some pictures of the kids having so much fun that I'm convinced we'll be going every year that we're here!

October Fun

I got a bunch of kids costumes for really cheap at a yard sale- here's Serra trying on a Darth Vader mask. Too bad that costume was too big for this year!

Alex is always making this face- I'm glad I finally caught it on camera. Fish Face!

Serra was SO excited that she helped make the pizzas for dinner.

I ran in another 5k- the Murray Moonlight Run where we decked out with glow-in-the-dark paint and flashing lights, etc. and ran in the pitch black. It was LOTS of fun!

Guess who sits at a big boy table now? Yup- I just put the highchair you see in the background in storage in the garage a couple of days ago!

I think it's funny that they're both playing with their fingers and their mouths while watching a movie- neither of them were eating...

Here's Serra with her preschool class on their first field trip- to the fire station. Serra is the ONLY one NOT wearing her hat. At least she sat there for the picture!
Here's poor Alex with his cast on. A couple of weeks ago he fell somehow and partially dislocated his elbow [nursemaid's elbow] and broke his wrist [buckle fracture]. Luckily he's not in pain anymore now that he has a cast! We get it taken off on Monday!!!

Lastly, here are the kids playing in their first "fort" with Daddy. We need to work on the fort-building a little bit, but they enjoyed it!