Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

End of Summer Fun

 Serra playing a new game with toy cookies!

 Standing on a rock outside the movie theater.  We went most Tuesday mornings with some friends to see a different kid/family movie each week.

Playing in the water outside the theater. 

The kids with their movie friends- they're some new friends that we now hang out with regularly! 

Thanksgiving Point had $2 Tuesdays- we went to Farm Country.

 Thanksgiving Point- Farm Country!

Thanksgiving Point- Farm Country!

Thanksgiving Point- Farm Country- the kids get 1 free pony ride!

Thanksgiving Point- Farm Country- Alex on his pony.

Ian and I went to the State Fair- there was a hotrod show outside and I couldn't help but pose with one! 

Inside the State Fair there were a bunch of booths and the library had this photoprop set up... again, couldn't resist! 

Later outside we saw them giving rides on a monster truck and for the third time... couldn't resist!  We rode in the back in those red seats as it went over hills and cars and around in figure 8s for 5 minutes!

We managed to go camping one time this summer- the last time we went I was about 7 months pregnant with Alex, so it had been a while! 

Our annual membership to the Living Planet Aquarium expired, but we manged to make it to shark week right before- this is Serra in a MegaShark's jaw! 

Alex in the MegaShark's mouth! 

We went back to Thanksgiving Point for $2 Tuesdays, but this time we went to the Dinosaur Museum- they have a sand and water digging area to find dinosaurs or build a dinosaur colony.  This is Alex's favorite part!

Thanksgiving Point- Dinosaur Museum- Serra is not as big of a fan- she's never liked to get her hands dirty. 

Thanksgiving Point- Dinosaur Museum- There is also an area to excavate- they have little brushes for them to dig for fossils. 

We changed Alex's crib to a toddler bed and he couldn't be more excited!

Serra and Alex vacuuming- they love to help clean up, just not when they are the ones who've made a mess.

I finished my first mud run- Runner Cross. 

And then I finished the toughest mud run- Tough Mudder.