Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marathon Training & Cutie Pies

I'm amazed at how much I've changed just in a couple months of training for my marathon [it's June 25th- just 14 weeks away now!] I've changed physically- picture to follow. I've lost some weight, my legs are toned more than they've ever been, and I've pretty much completely rid myself of my sciatica! I feel great, energized, enthusiastic- at least after I get a run in I do. :) I've also changed emotionally/mentally- I've gained confidence in myself, I've learned to appreciate my body the way it is and the wonderful things it can accomplish, I've learned to mentally push myself beyond boundaries. It's been a wonderful experience. I still don't know if I'll continue to do marathons or just shorter races after this- I guess we'll see! But for now, I'm excited about THIS marathon and the results I've received already from training- can't wait to see what happens in the next 14 weeks!

I also had to include some pictures of my two cutie pies- here's Serra sitting in the EXACT position I've seen Ian sit in when he's at his computer chair and talking to me. And I mean E-X-A-C-T.

Silly, Alex, those aren't REAL food!

And it's so rare that I get a good picture of Serra's REAL smile- it's always a forced, silly thing. So while you can't really see it in this picture either, it's the closest I've gotten in a while to proof that Serra has a BEAUTIFUL natural smile!

Friday, March 11, 2011

To Mana

Mana- I can't believe the ONLY way I have contact with you is when you comment on my blog- send me your email or something! Didn't I use to have you as a friend on Facebook? I tried searching for you and it thinks you don't exist- are you off Facebook? I also can't believe I have no idea WHERE in Japan you are... please tell me you and your family are okay! [If you don't respond to this, I might have to fly out to Japan and hunt you down... although not even knowing what city to start in could make that a very long trip...] :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Promised Picture- and more!

So, I'll start with some pictures from the end of last month- Serra LOVED playing Aunt Paige's piano- so cute!

Alex LOVED crawling all over me while I was trying to take a picture of Serra playing the piano...

Here's another angle of Serra playing piano- she's even singing along!

Ian had to call technical support about his computer- Serra was on her "phone" complaining about it too. :)

Ian loves this stage- you can put a baby up against a wall and because they press their backs against the wall you can make it look like they're standing on their own!

Here's Alex REALLY standing on his own- that's right, he's pulling up on EVERYTHING now. Any day we expect to see him walking...

And finally, the promised picture of Ian's new wedding ring- and you can see my "new" wedding ring too. [His is tungsten carbide with a brushed center stripe]

Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Month Pictures

Here are some of them- a little teaser [sorry for the bad quality, my scanner is on the fritz]. I'll post the others in a couple of weeks when I get them!