Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nothing Much...

I don't really have anything much to add, I just noticed I haven't written for a while and thought that maybe I should! Serra decided to grow some more teeth afterall and 4 shot out from the top of her mouth just yesterday. We're a little nervous because her 2 bottom ones are overlapped/crooked and these 4 are REALLY spaced apart. I was told when I was younger that I had my father's line of teeth and they get worse and worse with each generation. I was hoping that none of my kids would get my teeth, but Ian's instead. However, it's looking like Serra may have gotten mine... I mean, have any of you ever seen a child with totally messed up teeth? Not that baby teeth come in perfect, but they aren't usually crooked and spaced and stuff... or maybe I just haven't met the "right" kids... Serra is constantly cracking me up though with silly faces and the things she decides she wants to do. Her latest fascination is with trash- not playing with it, but picking it up and throwing it away. So, I thought we might as well put it to use! So after each meal I ask her to please get the trash [which we have already gathered and put in a bag for her to carry]. She picks it up and carries it to the trash can to throw away. And once she's done that she comes back in clapping her hands and with a HUGE grin on her face. She is so funny! A few of my friends have announced pregnancies in the last month or two... looks like we'll be out of the loop again when we decide to get pregnant- we just aren't timing it right! :) Still no news on moving. We haven't had a single person come and look at the house, but we're trying not to get too discouraged- it has only been 3 months, so it's really not that bad yet. Anyway, we'll keep you posted on anything that comes up!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A new month... and WALKING!!!

Well, September is here- and along with it school, colder weather, and better reason to call Serra a "toddler". She's walking! It took her a while to go from walking a few steps when prompted by Mommy or Daddy to walking any chance she gets, but she's finally doing it- and getting better at it each day. Although she still resembles Frankenstein a little. We went up to Kamas, UT to visit some of my extended family and attend the Francis Frontier Days Rodeo. It was way too cold to go to a rodeo, but Serra behaved and still had fun watching the bulls and horses. We don't really have a lot else planned this month except to continue in our efforts to sell our house- and save money to do so! I've recently acquired a zeal for reading and have begun reading several books- fiction, non-fiction and self-help. I even joined a website called to log the books you read and write reviews- I only have 1 review so far, but it's been fun. Hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm! :)