Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Room Swap & Labor Day

Had to start with a silly face by Alex. You can tell he's thinking, "What are you doing?"

We decided to swap our room with Serra's room. So we're in the smaller room- which looks cramped, but it's fine since all we do is sleep in there anyway!

And it made room for Serra and Alex to share and have room for all of their toys!

And here's another random picture I took of Serra & Alex's feet- I think it's super cute!

Serra wanted to take a picture with "the babies" [she put her baby doll on Alex's lap and then sat next to him for the picture].

Ian spent the Labor Day weekend with an old friend in AZ and so the kids and I went to Lehi to spend it with my sister, Paige, and her new husband Mark. Here's Paige utilizing her "magic touch" putting Alex to sleep for me.

And we had to get a picture of Serra with her Uncle "Marker"!


Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

Oh the things we sacrifice for our children! Alex is getting so big and cuter with every picture!

Megan said...

Wow. The now kids room is gigantic! They have so much space to roam and play. Very cool. And I just wanted to say that I love the feet picture. It's adorable. :)