Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Week!

A lot happened this last week... we had several illnesses and events! Ian's brother, Gavin, graduated from BYU and his other brother, Brandon, got married in Twin Falls, ID! Here are some of my favorite pictures- these were just taken by my stupid little camera that we've been meaning to replace and haven't, but once we get out tax return money, part of it is going to that!

Serra made a new best friend and was constantly following her Uncle Gavin around playing "catch" with him. [Again, I apologize for the terrible quality of the pictures... I wish we had our tax return!]

Here, Serra decided to pull up a couple of kid chairs and insisted that her Aunt Lorie sit on one next to her!

And this is us at the wedding- wearing our "wedding party" blues!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brandon & Christina MacGregor

It's official- and here's one of my favorite pictures to prove it! We love you, Christina, and are glad you're part of the fam now! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, D.C., and more!

It's been a busy couple of weeks... and instead of posting 10 posts, I figured I would just post it all together once in one really long post! [We had 2 more Easter egg hunts and we flew to Centreville, VA to visit my brother and his family- while there we had Easter, and went to Busch Gardens, Frying Pan Farm and The American History Museum- to name a few things.] So here goes...

4/11 - Serra walking down the street to the neighborhood egg hunt [it was freezing and starting to rain!]

4/11 - Serra at the neighborhood egg hunt picking up an egg.

4/11 - Serra on her first airplane trip- she loved the windows.

4/12 - Serra and her cousins' Easter baskets [left to right: Kevin, Serra, Ricky]

4/12 - Serra picking up an egg we decorated the night before at the Miner Family egg hunt.

4/13 - Serra and Daddy on a ride at Busch Gardens.

4/13 - Serra, Uncle Rick, cousin Kevin [and hiding in the teacup cousin Ricky] at Busch Gardens.

4/13 - Serra and Mommy on a ride at Busch Gardens.

4/13 - Serra and her cousins Ricky & Kevin on a ride at Busch Gardens.

4/17 - Riding behind a tractor at Frying Pan Farm. Left to Right: Uncle Rick, Ricky, Mommy, Serra, Kevin, Daddy.

4/17 - Serra "riding" a tractor at Frying Pan Farm.

4/19 - Serra and Uncle Brandon wearing Easter headbands.

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

First Egg Hunt!

Serra's Aunt Lorie sent her some Easter eggs filled with goodies, so we decided to give her some practice for the Easter egg hunts we have planned this weekend... I hid the eggs in the front room [which she never goes into] with the idea that we would go hunting after her nap. Well, a few minutes later I found her munching on some candy! Oh well! So we went ahead and did the egg hunt BEFORE her nap. :) Here are my favorite pictures.Finding an egg by the plant.

Showing us that there is CANDY in the eggs!

Another egg on the table.

Serra surrounded by her eggs, eating her candy.

Are you SURE there aren't more under the couch?...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ian's Birthday- and Silly Serra

Happy birthday, Ian!!! I still can't believe you're 29... one more year and we're in the 30s!

Serra has been sick, so we had a rag and sponge on hand to clean up "messes"... well, she found them and decided that some of our walls needed cleaning. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Serra and KC

One of my friends from when I worked at, Jes, has always kept in contact with me- even though neither of us work there anymore! She now lives in Eureka, UT with her hubby and baby boy, KC. KC is just a couple of weeks older than Serra and they've always loved when Jes and I got together. Today we met at the Provo Towne Center and had a blast pushing the toddlers in their strollers and just walking through the stores. Oh yeah, Serra and KC had a great time, too. :)Thanks again, Jes!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Part of what we did today...

Ian had to repair his bike tire, and it was finally nice weather! So he fixed his tire and we went on a family bike ride! Here are some cute pics of Serra "helping" Daddy fix his tire.

Can you say "The Price is Right"?

I love this one because they are both concentrating REALLY hard! :)

Craft of the Month- March

I made a few fabric books for Serra.

And she loves them. [She's waiting for Daddy to finish gaming on the computer so she can hand him one to read to her!]

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spoiled Rotten and Bad Weather

I get comments all the time about how I spoil Serra... but if I can provide something I see no reason to withhold it just because someone else thinks she's spoiled for getting nearly everything she wants! :) So, I bought her a slide- her favorite part of the playgrounds. And since we had good weather last Saturday, we decided to try it out. Unfortunately, we've had nothing but snow since- so Serra wants to go on her slide and I get to say "no way- not today!" Here are some pictures of her on the slide for the first time.
She had a little trouble figuring out how to sit at the top by herself- we call this maneuver "Serra Splits"

Finally sitting at the top- and so proud of herself!