Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 2008

March was a lot of fun- we got a small taste of spring/summer and then were hammered with cold weather and several snow storms! It was rather depressing. We were doing so good at getting a little weeding done each night and then we woke up to see a couple inches of snow on the ground! The snow has all melted now and the weather is finally looking a little warmer. Serra is growing up so quickly- she loves to babble and scoot all around the house [backwards, of course.] She is starting to show some separation anxiety when I'm away- she'll even give Daddy a hard time when he tries to take a turn caring for her.

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Sorry, Serra saw Mommy typing and wanted to join in the fun! As you can see, she favors the spacebar. Anyway, this month should be fun as well. We are going to have a garage sale with some other families in the neighborhood at the end of the month. I'd been planning on having one anyway because we needed to get rid of some junk before moving- so it works out! Ian's 28th birthday is also this month [the 9th]. For those of you who need a wishlist, you can still visit www.kristenspoetry.com, login and click on the Wishlists link on the right of the screen, then Ian's Wishlist. If you need more ideas, feel free to email me or call!

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Some more from Serra. :) Anywho... we might also be taking Serra to the indoor swimming pool sometime this month- we got her the cutest swimsuit! It will be fun to see how she reacts to the baby water toys/waterfalls they have there. We are still planning on moving to Idaho. Just recently we received notice that Ian's job is cleared through all the red tape and they won't be cutting him loose afterall. However, the moving expenses they were going to fund are still under reconsideration. So we are waiting another few weeks to figure that out- then we will be posting our house for sale [hopefully before the end of this month!] We have found a couple of houses that we really like in Idaho and the prices are starting to decrease, but we just can't chance having a mortgage on two homes! So we'll sit here and wait for this house to sell before we get serious up there- hoping that one of the homes we like is still for sale. If not, we'll just find something else! We have actually found out from some neighbors that there are several parties interested in our home- we apparently snatched it up from right under their noses and they are still looking for a home! Hopefully that means it shouldn't be too hard to sell, but with the market as it is we'll just have to see. Anyway, we hope you all have a great month- and we hope to hear from you soon!

Ian, Kristen & Serra

P.S. As a heads up for next month, it'll be Kristen's 26th birthday and her wishlist is still at www.kristenspoetry.com as well [a rather large list even]. Also, the Hogle Zoo in Utah is having a Mommy & Me day in May [the 10th] I was planning on going and thought I'd see if anyone else wanted to go. You just buy a T-shirt for $7 [instead of the $9 entrance fee] and kids under 2 or 3 are free. Anyway, let me know if anyone in the area would like to come with! :)