Monday, February 21, 2011

Freaked Out

So... I was going through all my saved emails and deleting ones from things that are expired, orders I've already received, etc. When I decided to look at my marathon emails- and good thing too! Turns out I somehow got signed up for-and paid for- the WRONG marathon! I signed up for the Seattle Marathon in November when I wanted the one in June! So after a total melt-down and several emails/phone calls it looks like my money will be refunded- and I was able to sign up for the correct marathon. PHEW! Good thing... seeing as I'm already in training and was planning on running with 2 sisters-in-law!

In good news... I took Alex to get some SUPER cute pictures taken of him in that basketball "uniform" I made for him- I'll post the pictures when I pick them up and scan them [they won't be ready for a couple of weeks].

We also found an awesome deal for a new wedding ring for Ian. He replaced my "fake" ring a couple of years ago- it was about time I replaced his "cheap" ring! So now he has a nice tungsten ring that just needs a little tweak in sizing- then I'll get some pictures of it too.

And, finally, we also just got back from a trip to Utah this last week. The kids and I had a lot of fun catching up with some friends & family and look forward to our next trip in April. We miss being so close to so many people we love, but it's also nice when we get back home and can just relax by ourselves!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex's Valentines- a train that spins or spits out balls and a piano!

Serra's Valentines- Serra is showing off a pink flower ring on her finger- and she got a caterpillar, a book, a movie, scissors, a miniature Snow White, and a balloon [not shown].

Ian's Valentines- a funny evolution shirt & Charlie Brown shirt I made, a computer game, a basketball court notepad, and a voucher to get a new wedding ring.

My Valentines- a jewelry box, some jewelry, a Chinese serving set, and tulips.

Our Valentine's dinner- the soup was pinker in real life [with a heart shaped piece of Manchego cheese], and we have pink "bubbly" [Marionberry Martinelli], and heart-shaped breads.

Here's a cute picture of Serra when she fell asleep on the floor in the computer room- apparently she was tired.

You can see Alex's 2 teeth!

He crawls everywhere- and just discovered how fun it is to crawl through the tunnel!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Anyone Reading This?...

Feeling a little frustrated with the whole blogging thing- wondering if I should just give it up. The only reason I haven't before now is because it's pretty much all I have going in the way of a journal. People tell me that they read my blog, but I have so many posts with 0 comments that I wonder if they really are... Am I just posting things that are so boring nobody has anything to say about it? Or is everyone just reading and then keeping their thoughts to themselves? The only time I had more than 2 or 3 comments is when things are falling apart. Which makes me wonder if I should have more things fall apart- or pretend they do? :) No, I don't want that. But it does make me wonder- why is it we're only there for the people we care about when things are bad? Why can't we show our love when things are good? [And I'm just as guilty of this as anybody.]

So... because of these recent insights- and because it's obviously the month of LOVE... I'm going to make it a goal to tell someone how much I appreciate and love them every week [I'm only doing once a week because I'm hoping to keep it as a lifetime goal]. So if you get a phone call or email from me expressing my sentiments don't think I've gone insane or am going to die. :)

And if you're reading this- whoever you are- please leave a comment, even if it's only "I read this". It tells me I'm important enough for you to take a moment out of your day to see what's going on in my life. It tells me you love me and care about me. And even though things are going well for me right now, I could always use support!