Monday, August 2, 2010

Expensive, but Worth it

Alex is finally bought & paid for! :) The last payment went through and we have no more doctor's bills coming in! I can't even describe how exciting it is to know it's DONE!!! With Serra we had Medicaid, so I never saw any doctor's bills- they were 100% covered. [Which was an entirely different kind of exciting!] Alex was definitely expensive- it cost us $2,800.74 total! A little higher than we expected because of the C-section and other things. But without good insurance, it would have been $21,839.95! Even with the expensive delivery... and other extra expenses from diapers, wipes, clothes, etc.... Alex is DEFINITELY worth every penny- and more!


Michelle said...

that is a good post and funny all at the same time! Eddie's procedures cost us so much out of pocket that last year we met our out of pocket expenses so Jason went and had "the procedure" done for free! Best cost of birth control I can think of! He is getting so big! Hope Serra enjoys having him around and helps her mommy a lot!

Nana said...

Glad to hear he is all yours. He is looking so chubby -was it only two weeks ago he looked like a spindly newborn?