Monday, January 24, 2011


Didn't you know this is how you're supposed to sit in a chair?

Alex is the master at scooting backwards- right until he's under Serra's bed and can't go anymore! [Just today he figured out how to crawl- and forward!]

Alex sitting up- such a big boy!

Silly Serra hiding under our futon.

Our Christmas PJs- didn't get a picture at Christmas time. And no, I have no idea what Serra is doing to her face.

Playing in the huge pile of snow by our house.

Alex in his new crib [Serra's old crib]. So much room!

A basketball jersey I made to match some basketball shorts I bought Alex for his 9 months pictures [Serra's 9 month pictures I made her a tutu, so we figured we'd stick with the "sports" theme].

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Wishes

I decided instead of calling them resolutions, I'd call them "wishes"- then it's not so much of a let down if they don't come to pass. And then I can make some for others! :)

Some of my New Year's wishes are to finish losing the last 20 pounds I need to lose, spending more 1-on-1 time with Serra, going on more official dates with Ian, and sometime this year I plan on getting away from the kids for 1 whole day. I don't know when- or how- or who's going to watch them, but it NEEDS to happen! The only time I've been away from Serra for more than a few hours is when she came up to Idaho to visit Ian last year and I stayed at a friends house instead [and during my hospital stay while having Alex]. Ian was obviously away from her whenever we were visiting Utah. But the real kicker is that Ian and I have never been TOGETHER AND AWAY from the kids for more than a few hours. Sad, I know. But we have to wait until Alex is old enough to be weaned- and not waking up constantly all night, because no one will want to babysit him!

This last year I had 3 friends and family members go through a divorce. Nearly being part of this statistic gives me a lot of opinions on the subject. But as for these divorces, I happen to agree with 1 of them- another I'm indifferent because I don't know the whole story and don't pretend to- and the 3rd I was dead-set against, but my opinion obviously wasn't taken into consideration [nor was one of the party's involved!] What's sad to me is that the people who truly should go through this catastrophe sometimes take too long... and those who shouldn't jump the gun and move out after 1 heinous fight [and let's be honest, what married couple doesn't have fights- sometimes BIG ones?] Anyway, my wish for the ones wronged is to find better, lasting love this year- or whatever support they feel like they can accept at this time. And to those doing the wronging, I wish that they can feel the emptiness and loneliness they have created and learn from it so as not to do it again!

It's also "baby time" apparently because of the people I know, these are pregnant: 1 sister, 2 sisters-in-law, 5+ cousins, and somewhere between 5 & 10 friends [depending on who's delivered that I haven't heard of yet, and those I'm speculating on]. For these I wish that this New Year brings them a healthy baby- with no complications! I know how rough pregnancy, labor, and newborns can be- hopefully those expecting a little one will be happy with their addition, even when it's tough and they don't feel like it.

My New Year's wish for Serra is that she'll continue to learn and to improve her behavior [she turns 4 this year]. She truly is a sponge and absorbs anything you tell her- or anything she happens to see or hear you do!

My New Year's wish for Alex is that he'll continue to grow and become more independent. He wants to play with Serra so much, and they do to an extent. But that will increase when he can crawl and walk- and I know he'll be so much happier for it.

Did any of you make New Year's "Wishes"? What are they?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Over the Holidays

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Alex opening his first present- he used his mouth a lot.

One of my presents- very quickly being stolen by Serra.

Serra stealing another of my presents...

Serra with her Christmas presents we opened before our trip.

Alex excited that he found a gift bag within his reach!

Ian with some movies.

Serra looking at her Monsters vs. Aliens movie- she was VERY excited to get this movie [she picked it out at the store- she LOVES monsters!]

Serra happy about her new Barbie.

Alex looking at the Christmas lights on my sister's Christmas tree.

Alex playing with some ribbon on a present.

The kids with Great Grandma & Grandpa Johnson. [my mother's parents]

Our stockings after Santa came.

The MacGregor family Christmas tree- hard to fit presents for 18 people!

Serra LOVED her cash register from Santa- she had to scan every present that came within 5 feet of her- even others'!

Alex with his stocking- and Aunt Lorie.

Ian pranked his brother-in-law with a "foot" in his stocking instead of his treats from Santa.

Ian with some more movies.

I got some fruit in my stocking- I LOVE pears!

Alex with his Great Grandma Christiansen. [Ian's mother's mother]

The MacGregor kids playing a tribute song for their Grandma & Grandpa MacGregor [we held an at-home belated funeral service since their grandmother passed just this year.]

Serra playing basketball- and this picture shows her splint from fracturing her elbow right before Christmas.

Look how LONG he is!

The bowling alley had it's "I" burnt out- we liked how it ended up looking at night. We'll have to show Serra this picture when she's older.

I took Serra to Build-A-Bear for the first time. Needless to say, she was VERY excited about the bear she just made.

Serra on New Year's Eve. Such a cute, big girl!