Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

One of Serra's favorite phrases right now is, "Merry Christmas to all!" and she uses it as a sort of goodbye to people when we leave- instead of just "Merry Christmas!" It's really cute- but the cutest thing, I think, is when she sings "Mr. Grinch" which I have yet to get on tape. But anywho... I just wanted to take a minute to post some pictures we took with our Christmas tree- and to wish all of our loved ones a VERY merry Christmas- wherever you are! We love you, wish for you to enjoy your holidays, and hope to see you sometime next year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Now that it's halfway through December, I'm finally blogging about November- I promise I won't be this late for December's pictures!

Serra and Alex loved the train in the South Towne Center Mall- it's now Serra's favorite mall [they also have a carousel that we rode].

We went on a "date" with just Serra and were lucky enough to plan our date on a night that there were FREE carriage rides at the Riverwoods Shopping Center- Serra got to be a princess!

The kids and I have an annual membership at the Living Planet Aquarium- Serra took this picture of me by a penguin picture.

Here is Serra and Alex by penguin photos their size.

Early in November it snowed and the kids just HAD to put on their full winter gear- for about 1/2 inch of snow! :)

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

The food!

Serra and Alex patiently waiting for their feast! [these pictures were a little out of order...]

On Thanksgiving morning the kids ran their first races- they're wearing their finishers medals [and they both look SO thrilled!]

And here we are all bundled up for Mommy & Daddy's Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k- it was super fun!