Monday, August 16, 2010


At the end of June, we traded in our van for a brand new Nissan Cube- a smaller, more efficient vehicle. We love our new car- this is the picture the dealer took when we went to pick it up [if I had known they'd be taking a picture we would have looked a little nicer!]

Alex holding his head up during "tummy time".

Serra and Alex laying on my bed playing together.

A typical view of Serra during the day- wearing no clothes and watching a movie while eating!


Michelle said...

How's the cube working for you?! Sadly we are not in the market for a smaller car but maybe someday! Oh and the panties deal happens here A LOT! Sir Alex is looking more adorable everyday..I cannot believe how big he is getting! Time flies!

Molly said...

We just got a new car too! Except we got rid of our smaller car and went for the van.