Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, Busy Month!

A lot of stuff happened this month, so I'm sorry that there are so many pictures, but I couldn't just leave some out!

I was making a birthday cake for the Relief Society birthday party and Serra wanted to make a cake too.

Serra walking in the snow.

I made a slightly bigger version of a blanket that I had made for baby doll before- Serra loves that they have matching blankets.

One of Serra's favorite past-times is to pretend she's taking a nap. [Daddy is better at faking than Serra is...]

I finally finished Serra's quilt- now I need to get a jump start on Alex's and finish his sooner!

I also made 5 sets of Christmas cards this month. I'm all set on Christmas cards for the next few years. :)

An outfit I made for Alex- they were both harder than they looked!

6 Months Pregnant

Serra going swimming- the one day I bring a camera and she doesn't want to do anything. In fact, she's turned around and telling me to get in the water too.

Serra blowing bubbles in the pool- something she learned from her swimming class.

We had an early Easter egg hunt this year- and Serra was a little confused at first.

But then she got the hang of it and loved picking candy up.

Serra's showing me how heavy her bag is getting.

She was so intrigued by the candy coming out of the egg, she kept closing and opening it- probably trying to figure out how to get it to make more candy.

Another one of Serra's favorite past-times: putting stickers on anything that doesn't move for at least a minute. Today's subject: Daddy's arm.

A third favorite past-time is watching movies with Aunt Paige.

We had a garage sale this last Saturday [made over $300!] and sent Serra over to play with a friend- she took a nap on their living room floor instead.

And finally, my last craft for the Craft Month- a summer pots wreath!

FYI- April is International Guitar Month, National Humor Month and Uh-Oh Month. April 28th is Kiss Your Mate Day- make sure to take advantage of that one! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy March!

We have quite a few plans this month. At the end of the month, I'm going to have a garage sale- get rid of the last of the junk I've had stored here in Lehi that I don't really need. And anything left will be going to DI! Also, on April 3rd, Serra and I are planning on moving back up to Idaho. Ian and I have been making some real progress- working things out between us. It's still a long road ahead of us, but we're on the right track- thanks for all the support and prayers!

It snowed again the other day and I was actually glad because I hadn't had the chance to get pictures of Serra in the snow yet this year. So I finally got some, but I haven't put them on my computer yet- so I'll post them next time. Also, Serra had a swimming class last month that she really loved- basically a parent/toddler class to learn to get familiar and comfortable with the water. It was a lot of fun and she asks every day if we can go swimming. She is growing so tall and thin that everyone assumes she is a 3 year old when they see her- which can be annoying because they expect more out of her when they think she's older. But she is typically a very well behaved girl.

And lastly, as a side note this month is Craft Month! More specifically, it's also Crochet Month. So pull your supplies out of your closet and get some of those craft projects done- I'll try to post about some of the stuff I get done this month at the end. Hope you all have a happy March!