Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life With Two Kids

Everybody tells you it's different when you have two kids. Well, yeah, obviously! But you never really understand to what extent until you have them! It takes a LOT longer to get out the door. I have to remember to bring a LOT more things with me even on short errands. Anything- and I mean ANYTHING- can happen! And you get stopped by a LOT more people wanting to comment on your kids, your parenting techniques, or anything under the sun that they felt like randomly stopping you to talk about. Basically, I've decided that we're mostly going to stay home for now- I'll try to go out once a day for something for Serra, but it really is taxing! Anyway, enough complaining- here are some of my new favorite pictures. :)

What a cute family!

I put Alex on Serra's bed for a minute so I could put away her laundry and she started playing with him like one of her dolls!

It's official, Serra inherited my "baby wisps"! [This is after swimming and spending the day out in the wind and heat]

Serra is showing Alex one of his new toys- it used to be hers.

Serra in her pool- she asks to swim every day now.

Our little "buddy"!


Molly said...

Yep! Two kids is a completely different ball game. Yours are super cute! I think I'll need to snuggle Alex a few time when you guys are down for Paige's wedding!

Megan said...

Don't worry, two kids gets way more exciting when the second one becomes mobile. :) Less things to take with you, sometimes, but way more entertaining.

Michelle said...

it will get better..i can now manage short trips with all 4 kids on my own, it has taken me 18 months to start wanting to do it on my own. Because zoe and allie were so close in age I did not get the chance to take less things and then start having to remember to take more with me. But I can promise it will get better not only in the time it takes you to leave but once they start really interacting with each other it becomes a whole new ball game! Good Luck and remember to take time out for just you too! Hugs!!

mort said...

Oh my gosh he is cute!. We are back in town when do I get to babysit?

Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

Alex is so cute! It is super hard, I feel like I am now just getting the hang of two and Carson is 13 months. It takes time-but summer is fun because you can at least take them outside for walks and to parks and stuff! We miss you guys!