Friday, June 4, 2010


Like I said last time, we went camping this last week. We went with one of Ian's coworkers and his family. It was a lot of fun- Serra especially loved playing in the tents, going on walks, and throwing/kicking/chasing balls. I wasn't as uncomfortable sleeping in a sleeping bag as I thought I would be. The weather was perfect and just overall it was a huge success! We made a lot of great memories and we hope to be able to make camping a regular family tradition. I don't know if we'll be able to go again this summer with Alex being so little- depends on what the evening weather is like at the end of the season. But next year we'll definitely be going lots!

Serra in the tent.

Ian in his new "mummy" sleeping bag.

Serra eating sausage for breakfast. [It was pretty cold at first in the morning, but the sun soon warmed us all up].

Ian making scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I also had some time on my hands to finish up a few craft projects. Here's what I made this month:
Serra's coloring bag.

I finally reupholstered the rocking chair and ottoman that Serra scribbled in black Sharpie all over a few months ago!

And a couple of bibs for Alex [the blue and white one is hard to read, it says Born in 2010- my mother in law used her embroidery machine to stitch the lettering.]

Here's a silly picture of Serra- she loves to get in Daddy's car and "drive". Can't wait til she turns 16...

And here is a pregnant picture of me- 8.5 months along [and actually in the beginning stages of labor, too!]

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Amy said...

Fun! We'll have to get together next year and go camping!

You are amazing! I didn't know you knew how to reupholster stuff! I need you to show me how!

You are (well I guess now WERE) one gorgeous pregnant lady!