Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We took a sort of last-minute trip up to Durham, California to visit Ian's grandma. We haven't seen her since before I was pregnant with Serra, so it was nice to get together and catch up. We made a lot of great memories [I think Serra's favorite part was that Great-Grandma had a swimming pool and she made sure we let her use it each day!]

Serra & Alex with Grandpa MacGregor

Alex with Great-Grandma MacGregor

Serra showing off her "jumping" in the pool. [Great-Grandma MacGregor was NOT a fan]

Serra [and pink baby] with Great-Grandma MacGregor

Serra & Alex with Grandma MacGregor

Bath time! [yes, Alex has more of my skin tone- NOT Daddy's and Serra's.]
Silly Alex...


Michelle said...

how cute that serra and great grandma's shirts match! Alex is too adorable! Glad you guys had fun but I didn't see any pics of you in the pool?!

The MacGregors said...

I would have loved to swim- especially since it was so hot there! But I'm still not allowed to immerse myself in water because of my C-section- especially pool water. My 6 weeks appointment is this Tuesday and I should finally get the clearance to do anything I want! :)