Thursday, June 10, 2010


Things are going great- I'm healing extremely well and have little or no pain. Alex is typically a very happy baby- we've had a couple of mysterious wailing episodes for no apparent reason, but that's not unheard of! I had a lot of problems trying to get Serra to breastfeed and ended up having to pump instead, but Alex is EASY compared to her! He feeds just fine and almost like clockwork- the only issue we have is that he has a preferred side which sometimes makes things interesting. My sister was here to help out for a few days but went home on Monday. And Ian took off a few days to help out but went back to work today. Surprisingly, I don't feel overly stressed- I was worried that I'd be spending all my time with Alex and Serra would get ignored, but she's been really good about letting me know when she needs "tent" [my attention]. My favorite thing is when I'm just sitting there feeding Alex and she comes running in and out of the room in different ways or making different noises. I get to focus on her while doing something mundane for Alex- and she gets some much needed attention. Anyway, what's a post without pictures, right? So here are some of my recent faves. :)

First picture we got of Alex with his eyes open. Unfortunately, his eyes were swollen shut for the first few days and they're still red and puffy in this picture!

Serra holding Alex for the last time in the hospital- he's in his going home outfit.

Our family- all at home! :)

Alex doing what he does best- sleep in whatever position he might be in!

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Christina said...

He's so cute! Glad you are doing well, Kristen. Keep walking. I was told the more I got up and walked, the faster I'd heal from a c-section.