Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ian

Yesterday, Ian turned 30. Most of his day was spent working, but we tried to work in a few fun things during the day. Serra was most excited for him to open his presents, so he did that first thing in the morning. Then Ian accidentally packed only a pb&j sandwich for lunch, so we went out to eat. The evening was spent doing some critical errands and then playing games. Today, he has some friends coming over for a Magic Tournament- so the fun continues! I can't believe we've reached the 30's [I have a couple more years, but time flies].

Serra and I moved back a week ago- just in time for Easter and Ian's birthday. We're pretty much all unpacked and moved back in. Now we just have to remember what we used to do during the days when Ian's at work! It's good to be back- it's been hard, but overall I'm very glad to be here. And Serra is back to her "old self". I didn't realize just how much she'd changed because of the recent circumstances. So overall we're all a lot happier and working toward some excellent goals. :)

On a side note about Ian, he had another stomach pain attack that lasted 16 hours and the doctors are completely baffled. He's been under a barrage of tests- all coming out negative. Which is good because so far they've eliminated his H. Pylori coming back, gallstones, and cancer. At the end of the month, he's going to have an EGD [where they stick a camera down his throat to see what's going on]. Hopefully it will shed some light on what's going on and we can finally fix it!

Alex is continuing to grow and kick more every day- he's such a mover that I'm a little worried about how "active" he's going to be once he's out! But we're anxious to have him join us- Serra asks every morning if we're going to see Alex. Nope, Serra- two more months.... It's weird because the time has really flown, and yet at the same time I feel like I've been pregnant forever! But I'm sure these last 2 months will also fly by and before you know it we'll be enjoying Alex's company- at all hours of the night. :)

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Lorie said...

Ha ha Maybe you'll have a "curtain cutter" like Amy :) So glad to hear things are going well (well, minus Ian's stomach of course)