Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter & April Update

I'll do pictures first and update at the end... so make sure you scroll to the bottom!

Serra's Easter basket

Serra- very excited for her new Easter chick!

First time dipping eggs- she kept forgetting to use the purple thing, so we let her just use her hands.

After 1 spill, we realized she needed an apron. :)

All of our eggs- I got a kit that came with just simple dyes and stickers since Serra LOVES stickers and is too young to do tie-dye or sprinkles, etc.

A thin summer blanket I made for Alex [the green is the reverse side].

A coloring bag I made for Alex- I know he won't use it for a while, but I've been meaning to make one for him in his "colors" and I still need to find the right fabric to make one for Serra in her "colors" [baby pink, hot pink, and purple].

Okay, now for an update. Things have been going really well. Alex is growing just fine- and Serra is too for that matter! I have been having some major back pains and cramping in my abdomen which had the doctor worried for a bit. But I have an appointment on Monday again- and he'll decide if I'm doing okay or need bedrest. Hopefully not because I'm hoping to travel to Utah for Ian's brother's wedding next month!

Ian has had a bit of a crazy month, too. His birthday was at the beginning of it and apparently his body just decided to fall apart on him! He had oral surgery last week to remove a mucocele from his lip, and at his follow-up appointment yesterday the surgeon said it looked fine but he's now susceptible to having more in the future. Wonderful! Also, today, he had his EGD [a tiny camera down his throat to look at his stomach, etc.] Unfortunately, the doctor didn't see anything significant- so we're still unsure of what's causing his stomach pains. However, the good news in that is that the doctor didn't see any ulcers- so Ian can relax on his diet! Some more follow up tests are being run to see if we can still figure out what's wrong, but I'm not holding my breath. Ian slept off the drugs from the EGD for most of the day today- they had to give him a LARGE dose because he apparently has "a really bad gag reflex". :) He's still a little groggy, but doesn't remember a thing and doesn't feel any tenderness, so that's good.

As far as Ian and I, things are going great. We've been working on a lot of things together and we've finally signed up with a counselor for a new session next week- hopefully she can give us even more tips on communicating, etc. But I'm feeling a lot more hope than I have over the past few months. So now we're all just anxiously awaiting the arrival of Alex- 7 weeks left! [Here's hoping he's a little early...] :)

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Love, The Riemans said...

I hope he's early too, since that's what you're hoping for. I'm glad you're having a boy, they are so much fun, and LOVE their momma's. Happy Mother's Day Kris!