Sunday, October 26, 2008

"You Have To Eat Those First"

Dreaded last words...

We had dinner at my Aunt Kim & Uncle Tom's house down in Orem and Serra was a riot! My favorite part was when Kim was giving her some graham cracker cookie treats and Serra was just smiling and flirting with her to get more. Finally, she started resorting to pointing and grunting to ask for more and Kim said "you have to eat those two first" because she already had 2 on the table in front of her. So... Serra immediately plopped both cookies into her mouth and, while chewing, pointed at the box for more! Another time, Tom said that Serra was lucky because Kim wouldn't give him cookies if he just pointed and grunted. That conjured up one of Serra's best scowls- whether at Tom or Kim, I'm still not sure.

I need to get a picture of her scowl, but I just haven't conquered that feat yet!

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Amy said...

How funny! Can't wait to meet that little cutie!