Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Recently when Serra has wanted a drink or a bite of something that we have been eating, she has taken to saying "mine" while pointing at it. Needless to say, it gets her point across! However, today, Ian was eating ice cream and when she did her typical "mine" act he just laughed and said no. She furrowed her brow [a new facial expression just this week] and then said "bite?" Figuring that was the closest he'd get to a "please", he gave her a bite!

Also, we've taken to visiting Serra's aunt, Paige, in her classroom after school gets out. Since the quarter is coming to an end, Paige's class has been busy with students trying to make up tests they failed before. Today, Paige left for a minute to go to the bathroom and the 2 girls in there started talking and giggling instead of working on their tests. Serra walked over to them and started shouting and pointing- clearly telling them to "get back to work!" When they finally got the hint, she walked back to me and started laughing at her own cleverness.

She does the funniest things- I couldn't possibly blog them all, but I'll try to remember and write about a few of them as they come up.


Amy said...

That's so cute! A teacher in the making.

The Mendes Family said...

ha ha I'm going to laugh if she grows up to be a middle school math teacher :)