Monday, October 20, 2008


Ian and I just watched the Disney movie Wall*E and can I just say what a super duper cute movie! How funny the things that Wall*E goes through day to day and then when Eva comes... hilarious! But my favorite part by far was the fact that the movie starts with "Hello Dolly" clips- my favorite movie of all time since I was 4. In fact, Wall*E idolizes "Hello Dolly" and wants to be like Cornelius. Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout-out that if you're looking for a cute family-appropriate movie, Wall*E is a hit! :)

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Amy said...

Dad and Mom took us all to see it when Dad came up after Addison was born. The kids LOVED it, and Lorie was IN LOVE with it. It was a cute movie. My girls like saying "Waaall-E"