Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*Buyers Beware!*

Well, this has certainly been a terrible, awful, no good, very bad experience! Our buyer was pulling our legs from the get-go. Apparently not only did he have a medical judgement on his credit that denied him his loan, but it turns out he lied about how much money he makes. He doesn't even make enough money to qualify for a mortgage large enough to purchase our home! I have really been trying to put myself in his shoes and see how he could have thought that he was doing the right thing... but I just can't see it! He lied, he dodged phone calls, he tried scamming us, and he cost us money, time, and emotional well-being by giving us a false offer and continuing to beat around the bush about it! So, we are most definitely- officially- back at square one. Our yard has never looked better though- we did most of the weeding and are working on some edging and gravel laying. We also have a few little "remodels" for inside the house, too, that I think will add to the value of our home. So now we're just waiting for someone to call up and say they want to see the house- and then call and say they want to buy it! Hopefully soon!!!


Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

I'm sorry for the disappointing experience with this lying buyer. But I'm glad that oian's job has let him work from home while you guys are trying to sell. we're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

That is so lame! I'm so sorry about the disappointments. I really hope things work out soon. I'm sure they will!