Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The biggest miracles are little...

With the recent frustrations in moving I have begun to feel very discouraged lately. I decided to try and take a nap while Ian was mowing the lawn and Serra was sleeping- finally! She has really had a hard time going to sleep lately, putting up a fight nearly each time I put her in the crib. Anyway, I couldn't sleep afterall and so I decided that I needed to pray. I don't remember everything I said, but I do remember saying that I know miracles happen, but I don't feel like any have happened to me- thinking about the trials I have faced, the grief that has touched my life. And that I could really use just this one miracle [referring to our house selling and getting the house we currently want in Idaho]. A few hours later, after Serra was in bed for the night instead of just a nap, I decided to check up on my friends on Facebook. I noticed that a few had posted links to their blogs, and since I am recently obsessed with blogs I decided to take a look. The last one I read devastated me- one of my friends from work had a baby boy just about 8 months older than Serra. In her blog she mentions that he died on May 30th- drowing in their pool. Instantly I felt pain and sorrow at her loss and quickly found an answer to my prayer. How could I forget the miracle of my little baby? Of her health and well-being? I would gladly go through all of this stress over and over again if it meant I could continue to keep her in my life. I have indeed experienced many miracles, but the biggest one happens to also be one of the smallest things in my life right now [that is, until she grows bigger!]

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Wow. I'm glad you shared that, Kristen.