Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Discovery Gateway

 Discovery Gateway had a free pass day this last month and so, of course, we took advantage of it- turned out we needed to be in Salt Lake that day anyway!  It was so much fun, but I would never pay the full price- $8.50 even for a 2 year old?... that's a bit much!

 It's hard to tell in this picture, but there were funny mirrors that made you short and fat or tall and skinny- Serra LOVED this one that made her really tall and skinny.

 Alex loved making paper airplanes and throwing them in the air tube to watch them fly.

 They both loved the kid K'nex stations.

And there was a busy bee ball area that they both loved most of all- I ended up putting the camera away after this shot because they were all over the place and there were so many kids that I didn't want to lose one of them!

The other area they loved that I didn't get any pictures of was an area where they could pretend to be adults- there were costumes/uniforms for mailman, fireman, grocer, etc. and a house to make food or clean, a store to shop in, cars to 'drive'.  It was a fun place- but they both scattered and so the camera didn't get to come out there either.  I grabbed some discount coupons, so perhaps when I feel like being a little spendy we'll go back another day and I'll bring back-up!

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