Saturday, April 28, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

This race was SO awesome- I might just do it each year!  You wear white and run 3 miles with 5 different coloring stations where they throw colored corn starch or colored water at you.  Then they have a finale at the end where everyone has a small bag of colored corn starch.  They count down and everyone throws it up in the air at the same time.  Sounds hokey, but it was a blast!  And kids can run for free- or join you at the end [which is what Serra & Alex did].

 Here is my friend, Mandy, and me at the beginning all sparkly clean & white!

I'm laughing at how well they threw stuff at Mandy at this station.

At the end of the race, picking up the kids to take them to the color blast at the finale.

A picture of the color blast finale [they counted down every 10 minutes or something so that everyone could participate at least once after finishing the race.]

All colored- Serra loved the color blast, Alex was a little terrified, but loved seeing the color land on me & Serra.
Mandy & me not so sparkly clean & white anymore!

Posing one last time with the kids before taking off the painted clothes and getting in the car!

Showing off just how colored I was- look at my upper thighs and shoulders!

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