Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween day was a busy one. First, Serra had a preschool Halloween party. She finally got to wear her REAL costume that Mommy stayed up until 1am the night before finishing: Tinkerbell!

Alex is still wondering what all the excitement is about.

Here is Serra's preschool class reciting some poems and performing some songs for all the moms.

Then we went trick-or-treating at the mall, had some dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants: Sweet Tomatoes, and finally we went trick-or-treating old-school style... door to door!

After all the Halloween activities were over, both kids got a LOAD of candy!


Megan said...

Looks like October treated you well. You are looking fantastic, your children are adorable and all that jazz. :) HOpe you are doing wonderfully.

gavin and emily said...

You did such a cute job on Serra's tinkerbell costume! I love it! and such a cute girl too : )

Steve, Crystal, Cohen and Carson said...

Oh so cute- her costume looks great! I love little preschool performances!

Michelle said...

You are so talented! Her costume looks awesome. We got tons of candy too..I actually took out what was not holiday looky and hid it so I won't have to buy so much candy for their stockings at christmas!

Brandon and Christina MacGregor said...

Cute costumes! Wish that I could have been there to give your kids candy and see them strut their stuff. :-)