Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Now that it's halfway through December, I'm finally blogging about November- I promise I won't be this late for December's pictures!

Serra and Alex loved the train in the South Towne Center Mall- it's now Serra's favorite mall [they also have a carousel that we rode].

We went on a "date" with just Serra and were lucky enough to plan our date on a night that there were FREE carriage rides at the Riverwoods Shopping Center- Serra got to be a princess!

The kids and I have an annual membership at the Living Planet Aquarium- Serra took this picture of me by a penguin picture.

Here is Serra and Alex by penguin photos their size.

Early in November it snowed and the kids just HAD to put on their full winter gear- for about 1/2 inch of snow! :)

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

The food!

Serra and Alex patiently waiting for their feast! [these pictures were a little out of order...]

On Thanksgiving morning the kids ran their first races- they're wearing their finishers medals [and they both look SO thrilled!]

And here we are all bundled up for Mommy & Daddy's Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k- it was super fun!


Megan said...

Fun times! Even if it is a few weeks later than normal. :) Your babies are cute and I hope youare doing fantastic.

Michelle said...

You have so much fun out there!! I cannot believe how big Serra is getting! Hopefully I can finally meet her when we come out there!Don't feel bad I still need to post halloween pics!