Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex's Valentines- a train that spins or spits out balls and a piano!

Serra's Valentines- Serra is showing off a pink flower ring on her finger- and she got a caterpillar, a book, a movie, scissors, a miniature Snow White, and a balloon [not shown].

Ian's Valentines- a funny evolution shirt & Charlie Brown shirt I made, a computer game, a basketball court notepad, and a voucher to get a new wedding ring.

My Valentines- a jewelry box, some jewelry, a Chinese serving set, and tulips.

Our Valentine's dinner- the soup was pinker in real life [with a heart shaped piece of Manchego cheese], and we have pink "bubbly" [Marionberry Martinelli], and heart-shaped breads.

Here's a cute picture of Serra when she fell asleep on the floor in the computer room- apparently she was tired.

You can see Alex's 2 teeth!

He crawls everywhere- and just discovered how fun it is to crawl through the tunnel!


Megan said...

Wow lady. Your Valentine's is like a birthday or Christmas. That's amazing! But it looks like it was a happy day. I love the themed dinner as well. You are one rockin' wife/mommy. I love you.

ME said...

wow, you go all out for valentine's day. here in japan, it is a crazy chocolate day. all the girls are supposed to give the boys chocolate, and on march 14th, the boys are supposed to give chocolate back.
i like your version of valentine's day better

Super Kimmie said...

Alex is getting soo big - you need to come to Utah so we can see you guys.

Julie said...

I was going to say the same thing as Megan! What a celebration! We do a themed dinner, too. This year it was heart shaped pizzas and a special ice cream cake. I love the pics of the kids...they are getting so big!

Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

What a fun Valentine's Day- cute pictures!

The MacGregors said...

Yeah, we decided this year we wouldn't buy a bunch of horrible treats- or go out to eat and stuff ourselves. So we spent our Valentine's money on presents instead [most of them were pretty cheap- or even free].