Monday, January 24, 2011


Didn't you know this is how you're supposed to sit in a chair?

Alex is the master at scooting backwards- right until he's under Serra's bed and can't go anymore! [Just today he figured out how to crawl- and forward!]

Alex sitting up- such a big boy!

Silly Serra hiding under our futon.

Our Christmas PJs- didn't get a picture at Christmas time. And no, I have no idea what Serra is doing to her face.

Playing in the huge pile of snow by our house.

Alex in his new crib [Serra's old crib]. So much room!

A basketball jersey I made to match some basketball shorts I bought Alex for his 9 months pictures [Serra's 9 month pictures I made her a tutu, so we figured we'd stick with the "sports" theme].

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Brandon and Christina MacGregor said...

I LOVE the pictures- I can't wait to see you next, whenever that is!!! :-D