Monday, October 18, 2010

Troublemakers & Negligent Parenting

So... we have this horrible set of 2 year old twins living three doors down. The main reason they are horrible has more to do with nurture than nature... they have the MOST negligent parents I have EVER met! Nearly every day these 2 can be found wandering the neighborhood- or parking lot- or street- with NO ONE watching them. Remember, I said they are TWO YEARS OLD! The father will be at work and the mother will be inside- with all doors & windows closed- doing who knows what. So, naturally, they get into a lot of trouble [but I'm sure they have nature to thank for some of that- they obviously have the dispositions to be trouble makers, it's just magnified by the lack of nurturing influence to make them otherwise.]

Anyway, there are 3 parking spots right outside our front door and for whatever reason we were using 2 one day [and Ian's brother was using the 3rd]. I look outside and see the negligent father messing with our car- our brand new Nissan Cube. Of course, I immediately zero in to see what he is doing when he moves to my brother-in-law's car and starts to pick up dozens of little red rocks off the hood of their car- rocks that are supposed to be on the ground as part of the landscaping. Then I look at our 2 year old Kia Rio and see dozens of these same rocks on it! Knowing I have a temper, I call to Ian to have him go out & talk to the guy about it- his twins were out on their own with no one watching them and had enough time to throw rocks onto all THREE of our cars! So, now we have about 100 little white scuffs on the hood of both of our cars. GRRRRRR!!!

Since I'm talking about cars, I figured I'd show off pictures of Serra & Alex in their new car seats I talked about last time- they both LOVE them!


Kim said...

I have seen those two little boys, and it makes me want to call child protection services. It scares me when they ride those little trikes out into the parking lot between cars, and who knows were else.

Kim said...

I had another thought. You could take your cars in to a body shop and get estimates for how much it would cost to touch up the dings. Then take those estimates over to the parents, and hold them responsible for their kids actions... just a thought.

Michelle said...

little man is getting so big and so cute!! I would call children services if I were you