Monday, October 11, 2010


Sorry... it's been a while. I had so many things to post, I just didn't! So, I decided instead of back-dating and adding 3+ posts, I would just add 1 big post with everything in it.

First of all, September was sewing month and I had all these great plans to finish some projects- and start new ones. Well, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but here's what I DID accomplish.
Yup, in 30 days I did one 30-minute project! I made one of these black curtains for the kids' room, but the hall window was still bringing light into their room during naptime. So, this month I finally managed to make a second curtain.

However, to not be so hard on myself, I did get other crafts done- just not sewing. I finished Alex's baby crafts- here are pictures to show you how his match Serra's.

Also, before I forget, October is Rollerskating Month [Serra and I will be taking advantage of this at our local roller rink this month] and Car Care Month.

Last month was filled with all kinds of fun- and this month will be too. I signed up for a parenting class which has been very enjoyable for me. We get free dinner and then Serra gets to go play at their free day care while I learn about their "nurturing parenting program". I think the things I've been learning have been helping us a lot too- Serra isn't quite as much of a handful [and surprisingly it was ME that needed to change to make that happen!] I also signed up for a free program called "Baby Steps" where Serra gets to play with their free daycare while I just chat with other moms and earn points for free baby stuff- I've used most of my points on free diapers for Alex. Woohoo! Serra's new dance class also started again- she was really enjoying it for the first couple of weeks, but it has since become something she'd rather not do. Since I already paid for October, I'll keep trying to bring her this month, but if she continues to not enjoy it- we're done! I don't want to force her into anything, but to be honest I think she loves dance she just doesn't love having to dance the way her teacher tells her to at the exact time her teacher tells her to. :) And lastly, for September, we got some new car seats! I went to a car seat inspection and for just $15 each was able to buy brand new car seats [that's a spanking deal for those of you who don't know...] So Serra has a car seat that will convert into a booster seat when she's big enough. And Alex has a convertible car seat that will turn around when he's old enough. They both love their new car seats- and I love that they don't have any history of wetting accidents or throwing up!

This month will probably be a lot like last month- only with Halloween activities added at the end. Looking forward to it and yet at the same time not so much- hopefully it isn't cold and rainy! [Oh, and in case I don't blog that day, the 24th is Sweetest Day- something we celebrated in Ohio but a lot of other people haven't heard of it. It's kind of like another Valentine's Day only it doesn't have to be for lovers- friends celebrate Sweetest Day too.] And, of course, I had to include a couple of pictures of Alex- he's getting so big!

Yes, this is him in his walker- and he can already make it move both backward & forward! He's WAY too advanced for his age in a lot of things- however, he isn't even slightly interested in rolling over [just rolling from side to side]. Eventually he'll knock it down, I'm sure- I just can't believe how much he's growing and changing! It seemed so much more gradual with Serra...

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