Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our 5k

We ran another 5k- this time, we really did run. Okay, fine- maybe it was more of a jog. But I didn't stop to walk a single time. And it was uphill for most of it [it's called the Rolling Hills Classic 5k to give you an idea...] I also beat my previous time by 10 minutes! We're done with 5ks for this year- but next year we'll give it another go and see if we can do even better. Here are some pictures from our race.


Megan said...

Oh poor Alex...the rough part about having a girl as a big get her hand me downs. But way to go on doing a 5K! I'm impressed!

Nana said...

Good job! Did they run with you, or were they there to cheer from the sidelines?

The MacGregors said...

Yeah... we didn't think ahead enough for Alex, so he got to wear some of Serra's and mommy's stuff. Blackmail photo for later maybe? :)

And yes, Kim, they "ran" with us- Ian pushed the jogging stroller the whole way- so technically they got a slightly better time than both Ian & me!