Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy March!

We have quite a few plans this month. At the end of the month, I'm going to have a garage sale- get rid of the last of the junk I've had stored here in Lehi that I don't really need. And anything left will be going to DI! Also, on April 3rd, Serra and I are planning on moving back up to Idaho. Ian and I have been making some real progress- working things out between us. It's still a long road ahead of us, but we're on the right track- thanks for all the support and prayers!

It snowed again the other day and I was actually glad because I hadn't had the chance to get pictures of Serra in the snow yet this year. So I finally got some, but I haven't put them on my computer yet- so I'll post them next time. Also, Serra had a swimming class last month that she really loved- basically a parent/toddler class to learn to get familiar and comfortable with the water. It was a lot of fun and she asks every day if we can go swimming. She is growing so tall and thin that everyone assumes she is a 3 year old when they see her- which can be annoying because they expect more out of her when they think she's older. But she is typically a very well behaved girl.

And lastly, as a side note this month is Craft Month! More specifically, it's also Crochet Month. So pull your supplies out of your closet and get some of those craft projects done- I'll try to post about some of the stuff I get done this month at the end. Hope you all have a happy March!


Amy said...

I was just in Jo-ann's on Monday, and saw the big sign that said "March is craft month!" and I thought of you. LOL. It's about time you posted this! j/k. I can't remember how to crochet though. I guess Emily's skirt suit will have to do.

Glad to hear things are looking up for you guys.

Swimming class sounds fun! I love that little Serra!

Good luck with the yard sale!

Love you!

Love, Amy

Lorie said...

Loved the post! I saw the same craft sign in Jo-Ann's as Amy did. As you can guess, I wasn't going in there to actually buy supplies for myself (gift card for Grandma C). And PS there is no way on this planet I'm crafting or crocheting but I will be rooting you and Amy on all the way!

So glad things are looking up! And PS Any pictures of Serra at swim class? I bet it was so cute!!

Kristen said...

Thanks guys! I've actually been pretty productive this month so far- as far as crafts are concerned. I'm trying to get a bunch done that have been sitting around for a while [some of them for years!]

I don't have any pictures of Serra in her swim class because I have to be in the water with her- it's a parent/toddler class. But I'm hoping to bring the camera with me the next time we go to get some pictures- especially if Ian comes so he can watch Serra and I can take pictures!

Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

Kristen- glad things are getting better for you. I bet you are planning on getting boy bedding and it sounds like you are going to need lots of boy things- yeah! So we will either have to do a shower or at least do a lunch and presents kind of a thing- if you are still in Utah or visiting that is. Sorry we haven't hung out lately- I have been dealing with sickness like every other week and don't want to get you or Serra sick, but i think of you often! Have and awesome day!