Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye November, Hello Christmas!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I have a lot to post about, so here goes. First of all, November was Peanut Butter Lover's Month- one of my favorites! To celebrate, we had peanut butter all throughout the month- pb&j, peanut butter on celery, on bananas, on French toast, peanut butter cookies, etc. Needless to say, I enjoyed this month. :)

We had a great trip to Utah for Thanksgiving- just a quick 2 day thing really. We went out to eat for our main turkey meal with some of Ian's family. It was nice to have it all prepared, and not to clean up after, but we decided that from now on we'll just make our own meal. They're turkey was a bit dry and they didn't have the variety of side dishes that we remembered from last year. But it was still great for us this year.

I sent out Christmas cards today- so family, look for those in your mail. I went to the post office to send something else and the lady saw my Christmas cards and insisted that I needed to put extra stamps on them because they have a gem that makes them stick out a little. But it fit through her little slide-test thing and she still wanted me to pay extra. So you'd better appreciate them! :)

Lastly, I had a doctor's appointment today and I had been avoiding all of your questions of when I'm due until now. I had been due June 17th, but I swear I was feeling the baby [which it's way too soon for, so I thought I was early]. Well, I go in for my appointment and she decided that she thinks I'm even less along! So my new due date is June 30th. But these things change all the time, so I'll keep everyone posted- I'm definitely having this baby in the early summer though, so plan on that!

I think that's everything for now- we hope you all have a great December and wonderful Christmas holiday season! [I'm sure I'll post before then, but just in case!]

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