Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best and Worst

I got tagged by my friend, Chelle, to blog about what I think are the best and worst Christmas songs. I know a lot of people probably won't agree with me and that's fine- it's all opinion- but here goes!

The Five Best Christmas Songs

1. Carol of the Bells- pretty much any version of this song rocks
2. Hallelujah Chorus- I've always loved this since I was in high school and sang it each year in our ward's Christmas cantata
3. Greensleeves- also known as What Child Is This- if it's not dragged out to be too slow, this can be a great song
4. Percy The Puny Poinsettia- this is a funny song by Elmo & Patsy that I grew up with and have just always liked
5. O Holy Night- again, if it's not dragged out to be too slow this is another winner

The Five Worst Christmas Songs

1. Santa, Baby- I absolutely HATE this song- the music, the lyrics, the message all grate on my nerves
2. The Little Drummer Boy- This was close to the running of my least favorite Christmas song- it's like 4 minutes too long, doesn't sound at all like drums, and I have yet to hear a version that even sounds like it should have been recorded at all!
3. Do You Know What I Know- everyone does this song WAY too slow and it's just too repetitive for me to enjoy it
4. Mary Did You Know- I think it could be a great message behind the lyrics of this song, but the tune itself is probably one of the worst out there
5. I Am Not Just a Misfit- from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer movie- it's one of those that's too easily remembered and sticks in your head for a month, annoying you to death every second of every day

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do this on your blog, go ahead- just let me know so I make sure to read yours!

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Megan said...

I just wanted to say that as I was trying to recall the songs you had written in this post, we were in the car and I would say, Oh, Kristen didn't like this one either, and every time Oliver would say, I agree. So with Little Drummer Boy, Do you Know what I know and Mary Did you Know. How funny.