Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Housewife Day

Today is housewife day and I thought what better day for me to post pictures of my new house! So here is the townhouse we are currently living in temporarily while we wait to put our house in Lehi back on the market.

The front room- with Ian's new leather recliner.

The front room from a different view.

The other side of the front room.

The half bath downstairs.

The back door leading to our patio.

The kitchen and our barstools.

Some of the few decorations I've hung- to avoid putting too many holes in the walls. These are our family pictures for each year of our marriage.

Another view of the kitchen and dining area.

The laundry room filled to capacity with cleaning stuff, food storage, water softener and central vacuum systems. [And currently Serra also.]

Our stairs.

The upstairs hallway and full bath.

Our master and my "craft" room together.

Another view of the master/"craft" room.

Our closet. I hate closet pictures because your closet can't look very organized with all the different clothes that don't match, etc. But I think our closet is funny because if you look at the floor to the right, you'll see there is a large raised area. Not sure what they intended it for, but it's made storage interesting.

Serra's room and toy area- usually a disaster area like it is now.

Another view of Serra's room.

Ian's computer room [also usually a disaster area].

The front of our unit.

The back. The tarp is covering all of Serra's outdoor toys that it has become too cold to use- we didn't want them getting damaged during the winter season.

And while I was walking around taking pictures, Serra came out with one of her favorite snacks and says, "mommy! cracker please! cheese!" [the cheese was for the camera- she wanted her picture taken.] :)


Michelle said...

Your house is awesome! Love the stairs ;) I pretty much have given up on my childrens room staying clean more than 5 minutes..

Megan said...

How fun. I bet its depressing though to not be able to decorate the way you want and show off your cutesy, crafty, artsy side. I say that due to your comment about not wanting to put many holes in the walls. But it does look like home and I hope you had a fun housewives day. :)

The Mendes Family said...

Oh I wish there was housing like that in Ridgecrest. Man! PS That last picture of Serra was SO CUTE!

Amy said...

Cute place! I especially love the designer pillows and aprons!

oh, yeah, and Serra is so stinkin' cute!