Thursday, October 8, 2009

Desperately Trying Not To Hate The Police...

Luckily, I got away with nothing but a warning intended to scare me because I'm apparently a "Utah-aggressive" driver driving wrecklessly on the calm roads of Pocatello Idaho- full of road rage. I got the scare of my life driving down these supposed calm roads being targeted by one of Idaho's own SEVERAL times- for no reason that I could understand. And in my 1 moment of retaliation, she phones the police and tells them I'm a nuisance on the road- and I GOT PULLED OVER FOR IT! Apparently, they were "letting me go" THIS time, but NEXT time [like I do this all the time] I will get fined, have to go to court, and possibly get probation duty which apparently amounts to wearing a yellow jacket and picking up trash on the side of the road.

I will admit that I have a temper- but Ian is my best witness that my temper has died down considerably over the years and my driving has become very mild also. I know we have to have police to keep us safe from real troubles- and that we have to have someone to judge the circumstances in not-so-real troubles. But it just seems to me that I'm always getting the rotten end of the deal when cops have to deal with me. I totalled Ian's car when we were dating and it was completely my fault according to the cop, but anyone present [and those told the story] can see that it wasn't. I had my wallet stolen a year ago and gave them everything they needed to track down the person- TWO different police stations did nothing, and they continued to use my credit cards AT THE SAME PLACE that I told them to find the person. [Luckily, I got reimbursed of course, but still...] And now this.

So obviously I just need to grow some more and just ignore people when they slam on their brakes, swerve into my lane repeatedly to scare me, and then tailgate me while calling the police on me. And I know no one is perfect, so I can't expect it of police just because it's their job... this just really made for a bad afternoon- and another tally on my list!

On a lighter note- Serra told her first "joke" yesterday. Out of nowhere she says "knock, knock". So I look at her and say, "uhhh... who's there?" [not expecting an answer, because I really can't think of how she's ever even heard a knock knock joke] and she turns to me and says, "is it daddy?" and starts giggling! What a silly girl we have.


Michelle said...

Technically they cannot give you a ticket because they did not witness you being in road rage.. What if you had an ex that you wanted to get back do not even have to be on the road, simply give them the location of the vehicle the license plate number and what they were doing..they can issue a warning but if they witness the fault then they can ticket the person.

The Mendes Family said...

Kristen that is so lame! There are words to describe that lady who called the police...none of which should probably be used in this public forum. I'd be mad too!! At least Serra gave you something to laugh about...I'll have to tell that joke sometime, it's a good one :) Hope your next driving experience goes better ha.

Amy said...

HOLY COW!!!!! That's crazy! I hear ya on the cops thing. Jeremy got pulled over when we lived in Utah because they suspected him of drug dealing or something, because of the previous kid that owned the car. And he got pulled over when I was with him because someone ELSE backed up the on ramp to a freeway and drove off, and the cop pulled US over for it! Fortunately, we'd watched it happen too, and told him which car it was and let us go, but STILL. Come on.
I still can't believe that happened to you!

Amy said...

p.s. Serra's joke is so cute!