Saturday, October 3, 2009

National Card Making Day

It's National Card Making Day- and I got some more Christmas cards done! But I'm not going to post them because I want them to be a surprise when my family gets them. Anyway, I also had a lot of other things to post about, so here goes....

Here is our updated futon- with a new cover [that I bought instead of made] and new throw pillow covers that I made all by myself- no pattern! And they have invisible zippers on the bottom so I can take them off to wash.

Here's a close up of the pillows- it's hard to see the black edge on the black futon.

And I made them flippable- this is the back side.

Serra was also kind enough this week to come up with a new project for me- reupholstering my rocking chair and ottoman! She found a Sharpie and proceeded to "draw" a picture for me.

Also, this morning, Ian changed something- see if you can guess what. [Other than taking off his glasses.] Here's a before picture:

And here's the after:

Finally, here's Serra in one of her cute new winter outfits because it's turned to cold weather already! And she's jumping on our mini trampoline- such a big girl!


Love, The Riemans said...

How crafty of you...and I love that they are flippable--that's something I wish I had--craft-a-bility (is that a word). Ps--just noticed your ticker saying you've lost 16+ lbs??!! That's awesome--what are you doing?

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the cards!

Nice job on the pillows!! Those are cool! I have also been going back and forth... to make or buy slip covers for my lovely couches...

Picture of Ian... I believe I can hear the Hallelujah chorus. Don't want to hurt his feelings, but oh how he looks so much better without that thing!

I LOVE Serra's winter outfit. It is so adorable!!!

Megan said...

It looks like you have a lot ticked off of your to do list! Or is it a constantly in flux to do list? Like the rocking chair and ottoman? I can't wait to see what it turns into!

Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

Wow! Super crafty. How do you find time with a toddler- let me guess- nap time and bedtime, aren't they glorious. You are so talented- I love card making- favorite ever- I wish I had time to do it!!!

Jeremy said...

Just catchin up on blogs here and saw Ian's pic. Immediately noticed less facial hair and thought "Yay, Ian shaved!". Of course I don't shave everyday so I don't begrudge any man the opportunity to wear some hair. I just like to see it come off now and again. Good for him.