Monday, January 26, 2009

I FINALLY Lost Weight!!!

I've been trying for months to lose some weight and I've been stuck at a certain number. I've tried all kinds of diets and exercises, nothing working! Finally, Ian and I decided to start counting our calories, keeping them below a certain number, and to work out daily. I was frustrated when I still didn't lose anything the first week, but finally over two weeks in- I lost 2.5 pounds! I was so excited this morning when we weighed in that I just had to tell someone, and seeing as I didn't talk to anyone today except Serra [who already knew because she was present at the weigh-in], I figured I'd post it and tell everyone! :) Yay for me!


Erika said...

I'm doing the same thing (counting calories & exercising daily) and am down 4 lbs this month!! Yay for progress!

Amy said...

Yay Kristen!!!

~Amanda~ said...

Yay! That IS exciting!!!

Love, The Riemans said...

Hey girlie! I'm slowly but surely getting into this Blogging thing--thanks for the posts on my page--your page is adorable, and it's great to see and hear about your family. Serra is so cute!

Love you!