Sunday, January 25, 2009

And All That Jazz...

We've had a few moments this week that I thought were worth noting. First of all, I came to the realization of why Serra is so silly... she has silly parents who do silly things too! [this one was Ian's idea, not mine].
Secondly, Serra is SO excited because Mommy finally figured out that she could do "big girl" hair styles on Serra! [Instead of ponytails sticking straight up, they lay down on her head- much like an adult would do to pull back their bangs, etc.] It looks so cute- especially when her hair is really curly in the back. Sorry it's blurry, but I promise this was the best picture- anyone with children can empathize! :)

And we decided to show off her "big girl" hairstyle at her first Sunday in nursery! Serra was not very thrilled when I left her there, and she gave me a big fuss when I picked her up, but they said she did wonderful and had lots of fun. Yippee!

note: Serra decided to wave during this picture- her hands aren't fuzzy in real life. :)

*I forgot to add that Serra brought home her first coloring from nursery, too- it was a little girl's face that read "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me". She gave the girl blue freckles, but there was more coloring on the back side than on the front! :)


Amy said...

LOL... her hands aren't really fuzzy??? I'm so glad you clarified! Yeah for nursery!!! Serra's hair looks so cute! And yes, I definitely empathize with the picture taking!

Nana said...

Love the big girl hairdo...and the cute Sunday dress. Let me know if upacking helps sell the house.