Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can't believe it's not butter!

Okay... my post isn't about butter... but I really was going to start with "I can't believe"... only finish with "it only took TWO DAYS!". That's right, the nap thing- totally worked! And it actually wasn't that bad. The first night she fussed for maybe 30 minutes total and then caved in. For her nap the next day, she fussed a total of 10 minutes. That night, she fussed for 5 minutes and right when I was about to go in to re-tuck her in she had stopped, so I never had to go back in. And then her next nap and bedtime I laid her down said goodnight and waved at the door so she knew I was leaving- she just waved back, smiling behind her pacifier, and that was that! I closed the door and never heard a peep! Ahhh... it's SO nice to have my evenings back!