Friday, November 14, 2008

Silly Serra...

I can't tell you how many times in a day I'm calling Serra "silly"- she is such a nut! Not even a full 24 hours after I post silly pictures of her last week, she decides she has to go out and top them all! She's been quiet for a little while [usually not a good sign] so I go to investigate what she has gotten into this time. I suppose I should have been looking to see what she had gotten UNDER... she had pulled my lace tablecloth off of the end table in our living room and was wearing it over her head like a ghost... or a bride! What a silly girl!

Then of course after she had Mommy laughing hard, she had to walk around the house and find Daddy to show him what she had done [I guess she thought it was hilarious that she had put a blanket over her head but she could still see through it because of the holes!]

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Amy said...

Oh what a funny girl! Ian did something like that when he was little, but he was walking around saying "Oooh! I'm the Holy Ghoster!"