Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eyeballs and Ten Teeth!

Serra now has TEN teeth- we couldn't believe it when we finally pried her mouth open and counted them. It's amazing to think she had one 2 just a couple months ago...
Also just for fun, Ian and I decided to take pictures of our eyes really close up and use Adobe Photoshop to figure out what color the computer thinks our eyes are. Mine are obviously a bright shade of blue, but we are unsure of what to call Ian's and Serra's eyes. Here are the colors Adobe came up with [although I think mine is a little off... and therefore Ian's and Serra's must be just a little off as well.]
Ian's Blue-Gray

Kristen's Blue

Serra's Green-Gray


Amy said...

Wow! 10 teeth! The eye color thing is cool. Liah's eyes are blue-gray too, so are my dad's and my dad's dad.

Oliver and Megan said...

That's really cool. I think mine would look brown. but Ryan's would be interesting to see if we could categorize them. he's got greenish gray eyes that are really fun to look at.
P.S. I tagged you.