Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday Dinners, Redbox Movies, and Keylime Cheesecake- Need I Say More?

It has been an eventful week! Today I turned 26. I'm glad I'm finally on an even year again, I feel so odd being odd... It was a fun day- we went to what used to be known as The Mayan, a restaurant featuring indoor cliff divers while you eat. It is now known as Mayan Adventure and is nowhere near the same experience. Needless to say, we shall not be returning! But it is okay because life is full of disappointments, and while you hope not to have any on your birthday sometimes it can't be helped. We then rented a movie from the Redbox- an ingenious invention by McDonald's where you can rent movies for $1 +tax per night. We, however, do not pay to rent their movies. If you go to, they give you promotional Redbox codes for free movies. You can use each code once per each credit card. So Ian and I have kept up on our movies this year! Unfortunately, Pocatello does not have a Redbox yet, so we will no longer be the movie buffs we currently are whenever we move up there. And lastly, we enjoyed a slice of my favorite dessert: keylime cheesecake- which I had to search high and low for since everyone seemed to be out when I needed one! Cheesecake has to be the richest, most elegant dessert ever to grace the face of this earth- and to add the bold flavor of keylimes... need I say more?

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