Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Old Navy Style Council

 I signed up through a while ago- it's a survey and sampling site.  I've been taking all kinds of surveys and having simple hosting parties with things like small laundry samples, Madagascar 3 party game supplies, and private links to pre-screenings of comedians.  But for the first time I was chosen for a big sample party- and a SWEET one!  I had to choose 3 friends to go to Old Navy with me to try on their new line of cardigans, skirts and scarves for fall.  Then we got to choose one of each of those items to take home FOR FREE!  I took my sister- Paige, one of my neighbors- Becky, and a more recent friend through a mutual acquaintance [her hubby is my chiropractor!]- Mandy.

We had lots of fun pulling things off the racks to try on- these are our original try on piles!


Trying on our first selections- the only hit was Becky with her brown skirt, blue cardigan and purple scarf!

 This was one of my favorite moments- Paige and I went to try on our second outfits and came out wearing almost the EXACT SAME THING!  Guess that's sisters for ya!

And here we are with our final selections to take home for free- posing with the mannequins up front [the store manager thought we should pose with mannequins that were dressed similar, but these were the only ones with heads so I stuck with them!]

It was a fun night- it's always great to get so many free things, but it was also a lot of women acting like girls and giggling.  :)  Thanks for a memorable night- and a great first sample party, Crowdtap!


Amy said...

So jealous! Wish I could have gone with you! Glad you guys had fun. :)

Megan said...

Awesome. I love that you and Paige chose the same outfit. :)