Thursday, October 13, 2011

September In a Flash

We ran a 5k with my sister & her husband- they're first! And I pushed the kids this time so Ian could push himself and I could stay back with my sister, who was pushing her son also. The front wheel of my stroller popped out after maybe a 1/2 mile, but with some help we got it back on and finished around the 45 minute mark. I am so proud of Paige and hope we can do it again next summer- and beat our time!

I ran my first half marathon- downhill the entire way- through Mt. Nebo/Payson canyon. It was beautiful and I finished in about 2 1/2 hours with inadequate training, so I was very pleased. I had lost some of my motivation for running and just was too lazy to do the full training. I paid for it in pain after this half marathon, but it was SO worth it! And one of my best friends, Abby Hansen, ran it with me- but about 30 minutes faster...

Serra started preschool and LOVES it. This is her in her preschool's T-shirt [they wear them on field trips, etc.] on her first day. Miss Jeanna has preschool in her basement and there are 13 other kids in Serra's class. She goes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but wishes it were every day- well worth the money!

This is just a fun photo of the kids when we went to an expo- they for whatever reason had this really huge rocking chair... still kind of confused by that.

Ian and I also went on a date [thanks to my aforementioned friend, Abby, who watched the kids!]

We went to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert at the Utah State Fair- it was SO fun!

And for just a couple of weeks the kids went to The Little Gym for some gymnastics classes. They really loved them and they learned a lot, but it's REALLY pricey and something we couldn't keep up long-term. Here is a picture of each of them struttin' their stuff!

September went by so quickly, if it weren't for my planner I wouldn't remember what happened! I can't believe fall- and the holidays- are here so quickly! I'm really excited for Halloween this year- it will be a lot of fun with the kids since they're both at different fun stages. I also have another half marathon that I'm inadequately trained for... apparently becoming a regular thing with me... And hopefully I keep up the blog a little better this month!

George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

We had a LOT of fun at the dinosaur park in Ogden this summer- here's proof!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alex *ahem* "12 Month" Pictures

Ian's uncle, Sergio, has a photography business and Ian's helped him a lot with his website in trade for occasional pictures. We had him do some 12 month pictures of Serra and I wanted him to do some of Alex. But, time got away from us so they weren't taken until he was 15 months. But oh well- they still turned out darling and that's all that matters! I LOVE THIS BOY!!!

Serra's 4th Birthday Party

Here's pictures from Serra's birthday party- she was dressed as Rapunzel and we had a princess themed party- with a princess pinata, a photo prop, a castle cake, and we watched Rapunzel in our new movie room!

The Rest of August

I'm way behind... so get ready for some mad blogging in the next day or two! Here's my attempt to demonstrate the rest of what happened in August!

Trying to get a family picture in the photo booth at the Outer Limits Fun Zone in Pocatello [I cheated, this is actually from July].

Serra LOVES her vanity- part of the furniture we got from Ian's grandmother's estate and now that we're in our "big" house we have room for it to be out of storage!

Alex has discovered Serra's dress-up stuff... we're going to be making some new, more "boy-ish" additions at Christmas. :)

We have our "movie room" back and were able to set up our popcorn machine for the first time- needless to say, we have unsalted, unbuttered air-popped popcorn at least once a week and it's a new fave.
A mask given out at a local parade- Alex doesn't like things that cover his face much.

Serra dressed as "Belle" and hugging her cousin, Scott.

The back-end of some pjs I bought while we were in Big Bear, CA for Serra's birthday. She loves the moose on her bum!

Such a darling boy- but always comes a little TOO close to the camera.

The kids walking/running around- in typical fashion of Alex following directly behind Serra.

August is $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and they had a new exhibit this year called Trilobite Treasures where you dig up your own fossils. Here's Serra with all her digging gear.

Put to work!

The fossils we've found... really, they're just random rocks Alex decided to put in the bucket. Thanks for helping, bud.

Alex and all his digging gear. His glasses really were supposed to be upside down- they fit on littler heads better that way apparently...

After digging for fossils, we went to the dinosaur museum to see some much bigger, much cooler fossils that professionals dug up.

Alex and a huge dino-foot.

Serra comparing her foot to the huge foot.

Alex touching a T-Rex claw.

Serra brushing fake fossils in the play area. It was a very fun day- we got 1 real fossil from our own dig and they each got to choose a toy from the dinosaur museum gift shop. Can't wait for next year's $2 Tuesdays!