Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Five Years...

I hate to think what will happen in five years after my current history. 10 years ago, I lost my mother. 5 years ago, I lost my father. And today I lost my husband of 6 years. I was told it would be best for me to leave with Serra- so I am now relocated to Utah, living with my sister, in the house we were unable to sell last year. I guess God works in mysterious ways- not selling the house is a Godsend now!

I can't believe this is the subject of my post, but I wanted everyone to know what was going on- and where to reach Serra and I now. To be honest, I'm deeply depressed- sick at heart- angry- tired- and feeling betrayed and alone. I only wish Ian the best in his future endeavors- and ask for all of you to pray for Serra, my baby, and me. We sincerely hope that all of our family and friends are starting their New Years on a happier note!

To Ian's family: I would love to keep in contact- but for those of you who do not wish to, I understand. It has been an honor and a privilege considering myself one of your clan!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Month

I figured I would let you all know what this month is before it's over! There are several things this month is noted for. First is Read A New Book Month. I've read lots of new books lately- I'm a member on the website where I can post all the books I've read, books I want to read, and reviews on those books if I want. My list is slowly growing and the main reason I like using this site is because it helps me remember what books I've read! There have been times a librarian or friend has recommended a book to me; I've borrowed it and started reading it only to have a major sense of deja vu- I've read it before!

This month is also Hi Neighbor Month. We have a couple new neighbors that we haven't introduced ourselves to. We tend to be the type that keeps to themselves when it comes to our direct neighbors- I'm not sure why, we just don't reach out to strangers I guess. But this month I'm going to try and say hi to them when I see them.

Lastly, this month is National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month. LOL. Any of you feeling stress-free planning your Christmas? :) Well, try to stay as stress-free as possible this month and see if it makes a difference!

Also, just for fun the 20th is Games Day and the 28th is Card Playing Day. If you're on vacation, you should take advantage and play with your friends/family on those days!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best and Worst

I got tagged by my friend, Chelle, to blog about what I think are the best and worst Christmas songs. I know a lot of people probably won't agree with me and that's fine- it's all opinion- but here goes!

The Five Best Christmas Songs

1. Carol of the Bells- pretty much any version of this song rocks
2. Hallelujah Chorus- I've always loved this since I was in high school and sang it each year in our ward's Christmas cantata
3. Greensleeves- also known as What Child Is This- if it's not dragged out to be too slow, this can be a great song
4. Percy The Puny Poinsettia- this is a funny song by Elmo & Patsy that I grew up with and have just always liked
5. O Holy Night- again, if it's not dragged out to be too slow this is another winner

The Five Worst Christmas Songs

1. Santa, Baby- I absolutely HATE this song- the music, the lyrics, the message all grate on my nerves
2. The Little Drummer Boy- This was close to the running of my least favorite Christmas song- it's like 4 minutes too long, doesn't sound at all like drums, and I have yet to hear a version that even sounds like it should have been recorded at all!
3. Do You Know What I Know- everyone does this song WAY too slow and it's just too repetitive for me to enjoy it
4. Mary Did You Know- I think it could be a great message behind the lyrics of this song, but the tune itself is probably one of the worst out there
5. I Am Not Just a Misfit- from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer movie- it's one of those that's too easily remembered and sticks in your head for a month, annoying you to death every second of every day

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do this on your blog, go ahead- just let me know so I make sure to read yours!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye November, Hello Christmas!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I have a lot to post about, so here goes. First of all, November was Peanut Butter Lover's Month- one of my favorites! To celebrate, we had peanut butter all throughout the month- pb&j, peanut butter on celery, on bananas, on French toast, peanut butter cookies, etc. Needless to say, I enjoyed this month. :)

We had a great trip to Utah for Thanksgiving- just a quick 2 day thing really. We went out to eat for our main turkey meal with some of Ian's family. It was nice to have it all prepared, and not to clean up after, but we decided that from now on we'll just make our own meal. They're turkey was a bit dry and they didn't have the variety of side dishes that we remembered from last year. But it was still great for us this year.

I sent out Christmas cards today- so family, look for those in your mail. I went to the post office to send something else and the lady saw my Christmas cards and insisted that I needed to put extra stamps on them because they have a gem that makes them stick out a little. But it fit through her little slide-test thing and she still wanted me to pay extra. So you'd better appreciate them! :)

Lastly, I had a doctor's appointment today and I had been avoiding all of your questions of when I'm due until now. I had been due June 17th, but I swear I was feeling the baby [which it's way too soon for, so I thought I was early]. Well, I go in for my appointment and she decided that she thinks I'm even less along! So my new due date is June 30th. But these things change all the time, so I'll keep everyone posted- I'm definitely having this baby in the early summer though, so plan on that!

I think that's everything for now- we hope you all have a great December and wonderful Christmas holiday season! [I'm sure I'll post before then, but just in case!]