Saturday, July 18, 2009

Serra's *early* Birthday Party

Serra's cake- I made it with the help of my sister.

Serra's "other" cake- this one was for everyone else [individual cupcakes shaped into another bear.]

Serra trying to blow out her usually works better if your lips aren't together...

Serra was SO excited when we told her she could literally dive her face into the cake and "dig in".

But eventually, she decided she wanted to return to civilization and use a fork.

"underwear?..." no, really, once she found out what they were she was VERY excited. [and so is Mommy!]

a pretty new hat that she'll probably never wear for more than 1 minute...

Trying out her new golf set with Daddy.

Serra's absolute favorite gift this year- a baby doll stroller!


Michelle said...

Is Serra potty trained? I am jealous!

Kristen said...

No- we're in the beginning stage: getting excited to use the potty. She sits on the potty every once in a while- and she gets to wear her panties every time she asks [which is about every other day]. I have 1 box of diapers left and when those run out, we're going to give it a run!

Amy said...

lol. those pictures are awesome.

Great job on the cakes!

p.s. My word verification is wooti. That must mean SOMETHING!